Can Fun Brain Games Make You Smarter?

Can Fun Brain Games Make You Smarter?

Do brain games keep your mind sharp? Does playing brain games online make you smarter and keep you younger? Studies have shown time and again that people who play brain teaser games and mental exercises stay younger mentally. It seems that when people play fun little puzzle and memory games, they find that they can focus their attention better, sharpen their memory, and enhance their creativity and attention span.

It has been proven in several scientific studies that when people play fun little brain games online (or otherwise) that they actually get smarter. Some of these games include: general to educational thinking games, games to improve memory, puzzle and number games. The best part ―the increasing availability of the Internet― you can find all these games online for free! There are hundreds of games to enjoy, including games that enhance logic, memory, language, concentration and visual improvement.

Brain Games Have Many Health Benefits

Research has shown that the more people participate and play these games and mental activities, the brain itself is stimulated. According to a recent study from WedMD, scientists have found that this stimulation can delay the onset of dementia as well as other debilitating diseases and memory loss, especially in older senior citizens.

More recently, according to USA Today, it seems that many doctors have prescribed playing brain games to their patients as part of the course of their treatment to improve mental acuity. There have been proven correlations between people that play the brain teaser games or puzzle games and preventing the onset of memory related diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The people at AARP recommend older seniors to play an assortment of online brain games to improve memory and health. Their researchers found that the average person’s mind who played the games, was actually 3 years younger compared to those who didn’t. In addition, it seemed that the players who got the extra booster training had even more improvement than those who did not. the AARP website has its own free online games for people to enjoy.

One online site that has hundreds of assorted games and mind enhancing puzzles is They have daily puzzles and games designed to enhance your memory and cognitive thinking.

You can have fun playing many assorted brain teasers and other mind exercise games, all the while improving your memory, cognition, keeping your mind sharp with problem solving games and much more. Along with eating right and proper exercise, you can improve your brain power and reduce the chance of dementia and other mentally crippling diseases.