It may be because of age, hereditary factors or lifestyle but graying hair is something everyone has mixed feelings about. Some people think that it makes you look distinguished and others just say it just shows you’re getting old. There might be an answer to graying hair woes; a pill that prevents gray hair!

Although this may be promising, don’t hold your breath as many have tried and many have failed. However, we are definitely headed in the right direction with this new product and I’m sure more will follow.

Aging & Chronic Disease“Anderson Cooper, Emmylou Harris and Toni Morrison are among famous faces known also for their striking silver tresses. But while they and others embrace their gray hair, plenty of Americans — celebrities and non-celebs alike — are more than eager to make it go away.

Targeting these consumers is a relatively new category of over-the-counter supplements containing a mixture of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and touted as an easy, natural alternative to hair dyes. According to the pitches, these products not only restore your locks to their original color, but also prevent them from ever turning white.

Even beauty-industry titan L’Oreal has shown interest in the hair-raising idea. Last year, Bruno Bernard, head of the company’s hair biology group, told the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail newspaper that it was working on an anti-gray pill that it expected to be in production by 2015. This summer, it was reported by New York Magazine that the Paris-based company had filed a patent application for what it called a “secret potion that will prevent gray hair. Forever.”

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