Candy Crush Good for Your BrainPeople from all ages are drawn to this very addictive game -Candy Crush. The mouth watering candies that fill your screen will get you hooked.  Plus, the hundreds of levels which challenges you and  keeps you all day playing the game and still makes you crave for more, has its advantages?  

“Well, Candy Crush relates to the statement “the more you use your brain, the better it works.” All participants in Dr. Wilson’s study were aged 80 years old and above. They were asked to list down all the cognitively stimulating activities they had been doing such as reading, writing, visiting museums, playing challenging card games such as bridge, doing puzzles, and maybe, even playing some Candy Crush. All subjects returned regularly for interview until they died. With a prior consent, their brains were literally, picked. Pardon the pun.

The findings of this research revealed that the patients who engaged in more cognitive activities had less plaques, tangles and infarcts in their brains. An infarct in the brain means less oxygen entering the brain tissue leading to brain cell death.” (Read more)


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