Deep Brain Stimulation Studied as Last-Ditch Obesity TreatmentCan deep brain stimulation actually promote lasting weight loss? One procedure mentioned in WebMD is implanting electrodes in the brain’s “feeding center”, this is to develop a new treatment option for an individual who suffered from severe obesity, these are the people who fail to shed pounds even after weight-loss surgery.

“Nobody should get the idea that this has been shown to be effective,” Whiting said. “This is not something you can go ask your doctor about.”

“Right now, deep brain stimulation is sometimes used for tough-to-treat cases of Parkinson’s disease, a movement disorder that causes tremors, stiff muscles, and balance and coordination problems. A surgeon implants electrodes into specific movement-related areas of the brain, and then attaches those electrodes to a neurostimulator placed under the skin near the collarbone.”

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