Exercise Prevents Low-Back Problems: Clinical Trials' ReviewMedical News Today reported that exercise in the workplace and community settings are effective in preventing  low-back problems. As people age, bone strength, muscle elasticity and tone tend to decrease. Learn more about the exercises needed to prevent low back problems.

“Strong and consistent evidence finds many popular prevention methods to fail while exercise has a significant impact, both in terms of preventing symptoms and reducing back pain-related work loss,” said Dr. Stanley J. Bigos, University of Washington professor emeritus of orthopaedic surgery and environmental health.

“The researchers found 20 controlled trials to be high-quality according to Cochrane Collaboration Back Review Group criteria. Seven of the eight high-quality trials promoting various exercise programs were found effective, but other common and popular methods failed including: reduced lifting programs, back or ergonomic educational interventions, lumbar supports, shoe inserts and stress management.”

The new review does not, however, discredit popular ergonomic innovations, said Dr. John Holland, a co-author and UW clinical professor of environmental and occupational health sciences. “Ergonomic interventions may increase productivity, product quality, and work comfort. There are many reasons why such research should continue,” said Holland.

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