Fun for the BrainThe brain also need exercises knowing that it has control over our perception, motor mechanism, arousal etc..  It is a place in our body that deals with learning and memory too. Senior Planet wrote an article regarding games that may preserve cognitive skills, provide information and game recommendation suitable even for the elderly.

“Researchers are studying why aging so often brings loss of “executive function,” which involves the brain processes of attention, perception and problem solving. Some studies show this decline beginning in middle age, while others show it starting as young as age 28.

A new study from the University of Iowa found that adults age 50 and older who played just 10 hours of a game called “Road Tour” delayed declines – specifically, declines in brain-processing speed and agility – by between three and seven years. “Road Tour” (recently renamed “Double Decision”) involves identifying a type of vehicle and road sign, then finding them repeatedly through an increasing array of possibilities, at increasing speeds, and with distractions in the form of rabbits, thrown in.

Beyond those adorable Angry Birds, here are some popular games that will challenge your brain and entertain you.” (Read more)