Fun Ways To Stay ActiveStaying active is very important to the health especially for older adults. Here are some tips on how to stay physically active without going to the gym.

As a physician, I am lucky enough to move around and keep active throughout the day. However, there are times where I know I missed a day or two of exercise during the week. What do I do? I incorporate little things throughout the week that may seem mundane, but still make a difference.

You know that large Costco parking lot?

Why waste your time looking for the closest parking spot and risking your car getting dinged by a cart (or worse yet, another car!)?  I park my car ALL the way in the back and take a brisk walk to and from my car.

Need to buy something at the mall?

Ditch the escalator and take a couple laps around the mall.  THEN start your shopping as a reward.  

Can’t seem to get moving at the office?

Do twenty jumping jacks and another twenty air punches and get your heart moving (especially after lunch).  

The point is, make it fun! It doesn’t always have to involve getting into your gym gear and going to the gym.  We are all busy, so some days we just need to be more creative.

Here are some more tips:

“Take a lunch break. Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time can contribute to metabolic syndrome, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Desk jobs can be detrimental to your health in these cases. Take regular breaks to stretch and walk around the office, and go on a walk after eating lunch to help with digestion. A light stroll after your meal will also help you clear your mind for better focus.

Bike or walk to work. If you normally drive or take public transportation to work, bike or walk instead. By getting in some activity before you get to work, you’ll jumpstart your metabolism and have more energy and a sharper focus to get tasks done.”(Read more)