Being pregnant is a special time for all women.  The knowledge of having a new life forming inside you is both a miracle and a true form of happiness.  That is why women should know how to take care of themselves during the crucial changes of this very important life event.

Exercise May Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking

Helpful Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy“For pregnant women who want to quit smoking, a brisk walk can temporarily stave off tobacco cravings, says a Canadian study.

Previous research has shown that exercise can interrupt nicotine cravings for both men and women. Whether the same was true for expecting mothers was unclear because pregnant women have increased metabolism, which can intensify longings for a cigarette, the researchers write in the journal Addictive Behaviors.

“This was the first time we have been able to replicate the findings with pregnant smokers,” Harry Prapavessis said.”

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Pregnant Bloggers’ Extreme Diet May Not Be Healthy

Helpful Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy“A pregnant Australian blogger’s raw fruit and vegetable diet has sparked controversy, and while health experts say they don’t recommend it, it’s possible that the extreme diet is safe for the baby if the mom-to-be is finding ways to supplement missing nutrients.

Loni Jane Anthony, a 25-year-old Australian woman who is 26 weeks pregnant, told Australian news site earlier this week that her breakfast regularly consists of 10 bananas. The vegan, who has almost 120,000 instagram followers, said she was following the 80:10:10 diet, a plant-based diet consisting of 80 percent carbs, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fat. And readers were quick to lash out at her, fearing for her baby’s health.”

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Mom’s Exercise During Pregnancy Gives Baby’s Brain a Boost

Helpful Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy“Babies born to women who exercised during pregnancy have enhanced brain development compared with babies born to moms who didn’t exercise while they were pregnant, a new Canadian study suggests.

The babies of 10 women who did as little as 20 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week during pregnancy showed more advanced brain activity when they were tested at eight to 12 days old than the babies of eight women who did not exercise during pregnancy, reported University of Montreal researcher David Ellemberg and his colleagues at the Neuroscience 2013 conference in San Diego.”

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Knowing how to take care of yourself during pregnancy would mean the safety and well-being of your children.  So make the necessary precautions and always be prepared.


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