How Much Sleep Does an Individual Need?We have all been told that we should get eight hours of sleep per night but this information is an average, and might not be a perfect fit for everyone, because some may need more sleep, and others less, and our needs may actually change through the years. Here are some articles I have gathered from different articles, all about how much sleep does different individual need.

“The first thing experts will tell you about sleep is that there is no “magic number.” Not only do different age groups need different amounts of sleep, but sleep needs are also individual. Just like any other characteristics you are born with, the amount of sleep you need to function best may be different for you than for someone who is of the same age and gender. While you may be at your absolute best sleeping seven hours a night, someone else may clearly need nine hours to have a happy, productive life. In fact, a 2005 study confirmed the fact that sleep needs vary across populations, and the study calls for further research to identify traits within genes that may provide a “map” to explain how sleep needs differ among individuals.” Read more.

“Everyone has a sleep need that is likely determined by our genes. This need is the amount of sleep our body requires for us to wake up feeling refreshed. This likely occurs across a spectrum, with “short-sleepers” needing less than average and “long-sleepers” needing more.” Read more.

“Different age groups have varying needs for sleep time. While some numbers are recommended, an exact figure cannot be established because some factors, like a person’s basal sleep need and sleep debt, need to be considered. Basal sleep refers to how much sleep an individual requires on a regular basis; while sleep debt refers to the amount of sleep an individual did not obtain or fell short of.  The latter is usually caused by accumulated interruptions from one’s slumber every now and then.” Read more.


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