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Dr. Patel

Access Dr. Patel’s books, information and tools to enjoy more youthful living. Want to live longer and happier? Start with an analysis and ask Dr. Patel about your results. A percentage of your membership will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


Premium membership includes the extra “Brain Foods Cookbook” as well as monthly audio recordings of Dr. Patel’s Q&A sessions.


Enjoy membership benefits such as specific recommendations, meal plans, brain training and much, much more based on your brain type and the health of your brain.

Eating Right

As a privileged member, planning meals, making grocery lists and tracking your daily nutritional totals has never been easier through Dr. Patel’s sophisticated tool that simplifies what you need to feed your brain.


Stay fit and healthy with membership support and clinical advice regarding techniques that will get your body moving as well as features to track your caloric expenditures.


Members only privileges gives you access to an exclusive feature that allows you to discover and track the supplements designed to optimize your brain and establish convenient reminders.


Dr. Patel suggests making a journal on a day-to-day basis. Membership features allow for ease in adding journal entries and archiving them for future reference.