Lumosity Increases Core Cognitive AbilitiesLumosity offers different fun brain games that improve memory and enhance brain functions.  These brain games are designed by the neuroscientists, who continuously provide Lumosity training that are beneficial for speed of processing, problem solving, and task switching. Learn more on how Lumosity games increase core cognitive abilities.

“The research, conducted by Lumos Labs scientists, examined the degree to which various Lumosity cognitive training exercises transferred to improvements on standard assessments of cognitive ability.

Researchers found that individuals who did more training saw greater improvements on the assessments. These relationships held even when initial performance level and practice effects on tests were controlled for. These results were based on Lumosity’s database of cognitive training and assessment performance. With over 300 million results amassed from the activities of almost 6 million monthly users, Lumosity currently has the world’s largest database of human cognitive performance.” (Read more)