Monster Beverage Corporation StatementWhat additional ingredients does your favorite energy drink have? Maybe you should look into the details before having one. Many energy drinks are coming out into the market, but the question is, are they safe to drink? Here is an article from the Dr. Oz website, wherein the trending energy has been discussed.

 “In those letters, FDA explained that there is a long history of safe use of caffeine-containing products in the United States and that the average amount of caffeine consumed by the U.S. population has not increased despite the entry of energy drinks into the marketplace.”

                FDA stated in August, “In response to the emergence of energy drinks as a new class of caffeinated products, FDA completed an updated assessment of the amount of caffeine that people in the United States ingest from all sources. The results show that, even when the consumption of energy drinks is considered, most of the caffeine consumed comes from what is naturally present in coffee and tea.” The study commissioned by FDA also showed that caffeine consumption remains at only approximately 300 milligrams per person per day. That amount is within safe levels, for FDA stated that, “For healthy adults, caffeine intake up to 400 mg per day (mg/d) is not associated with general toxicity, cardiovascular effects, effects on bone status and calcium balance (with consumption of adequate calcium), changes in adult behavior, incidence of cancer, or effects on male fertility.” The agency concluded that, although FDA’s “project to identify safety studies on caffeine is still underway, the available studies do not indicate any new, previously unknown risks associated with caffeine consumption.”

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