Staying Young Now and LaterNobody looks at their grandmother and says, “I can’t wait to be her age!” The fact is, the idea of getting older in today’s society sparks fear in some of us. Anti-aging cream manufactures are making millions, so called anti-aging foods are being created and discovered every year, and websites such as and are filled with articles and discussions about this very topic. Google will give you over thirty-five million hits for ‘anti-aging skin’ alone.

The true key to staying young is remaining healthy inside your own body and mind. Worry, stress and laziness add more years to life than anything else on earth. A person can say goodbye to anti-aging products and foods and spend their money on keeping their body clean on the inside, and accomplish so much more in the anti-aging department.

Exercising is one of the best ways to stay young. A daily routine of walking, running, or other aerobic exercises will keep your blood flowing regularly throughout the day, even when you are sleeping. This constant blood flow delivers the nutrients your skin needs as soon as it needs them –something we can’t see with your anti-aging devices. The presence of exercise in your life will also reduce your stress level and make the next step even easier.

The mind needs to be free of stress and worry as much as possible. Finances, weight, aging and so many other things are on our minds each day. We need to approach these thoughts with a calm and rational mind. Every time a thought makes our minds tense, it greatly adds to the aging process. People with stress are 70% more likely to develop wrinkles and loose hair at an earlier age than their biological clock dictates. Yoga, meditation, or other forms of relaxation are great ways to start each day to combat the events of daily life that could cause stress.  Let’s face it. Stress is not going away. It’s how we handle the stress is what we have control over.

Finally, the sun, the glorious light that tans our bodies as young adults also ages us faster than we will ever know. We need the sun to feel good, but need to keep it in moderation. So, avoid tanning beds, they will definitely add to aging.

YOU are the only ‘thing’ that can keep you young. Anti-aging products are scientifically proven to simply make us feel good and perhaps even temporarily look good, but not change the speed at which we age. As individuals, we need to do what it takes to keep ourselves healthy inside. Only then will people notice we are aging slower and looking younger!