Sugar IntakeAccording to recent research, sugar is addictive and may lead to different health problems. But do we really need to cut out our sugar intake? Below are some great tips on how to start kicking the sugar habit. Make it a gradual change and your mind and body will definitely thank you. 

Should I cut out sugar?

“According to two recent research papers, sugar is toxic enough to kill mice and is the drug of choice for laboratory rats, who prefer it to cocaine. Now it has been called “the most dangerous drug of this time” by Paul van der Velpent, head of Amsterdam’s health service. Velpent called for government restrictions on sugar in food and a ban on soft drinks in schools…”

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Did you know that SUGAR?

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6 Tips to Help You Kick Sugar

“I was addicted to the white stuff… I couldn’t get enough… towards the end, just one hit and I was down for the count… I knew I had to quit but I didn’t know how…

Obesity, tooth decay, emotional instability were all the result of my addiction…”

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Knowing that sugar is one of our comfort foods, minimal and appropriate daily intake of sugar is a great start to a healthier body and mind. Now that you know that there are a lot of health problems that you might encounter with sugar, knowing how to cut your intake down is definitely worth it.