Surviving Menopause: The Most Frustrating Problems and How to Fix ThemMenopause is the point in time when a woman’s menstrual periods stop. The only way to know if you have gone through menopause is if you have not had your period for one year. There are many important steps you can take to build your health in the years around menopause, check this article from HealthyLiving.

“If your periods are changing, you’re becoming uncharacteristically moody, and you’re starting to have night sweats or hot flashes, then you’re probably in perimenopause. Notice we say changing, not stopping. This is where some of the greatest confusion lies. Your periods might actually become heavier or occur closer together. They might be the same but you might notice more bloating, moodiness, and new symptoms, such as breast pain or a flu-like achiness. You might have spotting between periods or skip periods altogether, like you did when you were a teenager. In fact, some experts counsel us to think of menopause as a second adolescence—it’s that big a life change.

Common sense tells you that if you’re between 35 and 55; your periods are getting squirrely; you’re constantly adding and removing layers; and you find yourself inexplicably cranky, weepy, and just plain mean, you’re almost certainly menopausal. Then go with that and get help.”

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