The Glycemic Index Diet is one of the most popular GI diets today, and is highly recommended for fat loss and obesity. This diet is focused on the sugar content of all food.  The higher the sugar, the higher the glycemic index rate is.  The main idea behind this diet is to have less consumption of high glycemic foods,  and more focus on low glycemic foods.

Ultimate Low Glycemic Index Diet: Lose Weight, Feel Better“Obesity and its related problems have given rise to millions of different diet plans, each claiming to give the perfect solution to fat loss! Among those, one of the most popular is the GI diet or the Glycemic Index diet. This diet is essentially based on the sugar content of all foods. The higher the sugar in a particular food, the higher it rates on the glycemic index. So, the diet basically focuses on less consumption of all those foods that are high on the glycemic index and  encourages you to choose from food groups that are low on the glycemic index. And while in theory and on a scientific ground of argument it may win many kudos, the practicality of successful implementation and its actual health benefit can be a big question mark! Here’s why –

  • To start with, you need to invest in a book or chart that lists the glycemic index of foods. And it is impractical to refer to charts each time you want to put food in your supermarket cart or in your mouth! Granted you may have  good memory, but can you really retain the glycemic values of all fruits, vegetables, grains et al in your memory?”

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